We make science for life

More than 23 years compromised to animal health and nutrition

From the beginning of the process to our final customers’ hands, We enhance its production without leaving toxic waste for humans.

We provide innovative solutions to make productive processes profitable in all phases of bird management.

We take care of your pets like you!

Because we know they are your best friends, we offer you our line of comprehensive care for healthier and happier pets.

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We have a wide range of health and nutrition products for pigs, poultry, ruminants and horses, as well as for the care and hygiene of your pets.

We are committed to the veterinary pharmaceutical sector.


We have a large staff of veterinary doctors and nutritionists, focused on enhancing their production

M.V. José G. Rivas

National Sales Coordinator

M.V at the Central University of Venezuela – Animal Health Specialty – Extensive experience in zootechnical and sanitary management in poultry production farms; technical service in the field, and in recent years dedicated to coordinating the commercial technical assistance of the agricultural market.

M.V. Antonio Beomón

Sales Manager

Veterinarian – Central University of Venezuela (1991) Animal Production Specialty – Work Experience: Animal Health Market / Food and Nutrition, Sales Territory Planning / Sales Force Training / Budgets and strategies for product positioning.

Dr. Álvaro Ojeda

Nutrition Manager

Agricultural Engineer from the Central University of Venezuela – Magister Scientiarum in Animal Production, with a Doctorate in Agricultural Sciences. With extensive preparation in quality control assurance in the agri-food circuit for food production and safety prerequisites. 

Specialized Technical Advice

Médicos veterinarios y nutricionistas  realizan seguimiento de la efectividad del producto.

Required ABA formulas

Development of ABA formulas based on the specific needs of the client.

Suitable Nutritional Profile

Nutritional profiles are made by monitoring the functionality of our products.

Customized Attention

In the management of the productive unit: Poultry, swine and ruminants.


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