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Agriquimvet brought together professionals from the agricultural sector.

This Wednesday, November 7, the Lidotel Hotel Boutique of Barquisimeto received more than 300 researchers and specialists from the agricultural sector who attended the 3rd Agriquimvet Corporate Meeting, an event organized by Agriquimvet Agropecuaria that promotes the sharing of ideas and projects that seek national development in livestock production.

The meeting had 16 simultaneous conferences in the morning hours, divided into 4 presentations for each of the areas to which Agriquimvet directs its products within the livestock sector: poultry, pigs, ruminants and more recently equines. With this number of exhibitors that tripled the amount present in the previous meetings, Agriquimvet guaranteed a space of interaction for professionals in the field of animal nutrition and veterinary medicine, with various topics of interest in the field to which they are dedicated.

Graduate Johnny Bracho, Commercial Director of Agriquimvet Agropecuaria, offered a press conference to the media present at the 3rd Corporate Meeting of the company, accompanied by the representative of Fedeindustrias, Mr. Jesús López Lameda and the Production Manager of Porcinos del Alba, Mr. Óscar Machin. Graduate Bracho explained to the media the great work done by Agriquimvet as a company that innovates in the area of ​​pharmaceutical and veterinary nutrition, as it is constantly under investigation.

The day culminated with the conference “It’s not a matter of milk, it’s a matter of attitude” by the psychologist Carlos Saúl Rodríguez, author of the best seller of the same name and who was the motivator of the Venezuelan soccer team “La Vinotinto” between 2001 and 2008, to offer attendees a new approach to face difficulties with optimism in the face of everyday difficulties.

Agricultural Agriquimvet has become a reference when conducting this type of meetings that since 2016 promote the exchange of knowledge between producers, agricultural technicians and the company, which proposes this training space. This is achieved by having speakers from national universities dedicated to agricultural sciences that add the academic character that merits the meeting, and with the support of professionals and producers, passionate about research and the development of new proposals that contribute to the growth of the livestock sector.


The future of medicine

One of the concerns of modern medicine is the microbial resistance to antibiotics, when they begin to be insufficient to fight the microorganisms that cause different diseases. That is why the scientific community is in search of sustainable strategies to face this challenge, and enzybiotics have been the most viable solution that scientific research throws today.

The lytic enzymes contained in bacteriophages * were called enzybiotics to overcome the protective barriers of microorganisms that cause disease causing their destruction and avoiding the potential harmful effects on health. The phage therapy is a novel alternative to overcome microbial resistance and one of the bets of WHO to combat the many problems that triggers microbial resistance.

Agriquimvet Agroquimvet adds its efforts and develops science for life with its line of enzybiotics intended for production animals in addition to horses and pets, with products that do not leave toxic residues and therefore guarantee the safety of the food that results from production livestock and the health of the last link of consumption: human beings.


"Excellent material, very substantial and complete, I use it to support my University research and I also put it into practice with my career, it's something I always do, so I appreciate the information"
Andrea Sifuentes
Animal Nutrition Manager from HDS
“I have been part of the work team of this company and I can say with certainty that it is a pioneer in the entrepreneurship and evolution of science, constantly researching and putting human beings as well as animals in the first order, I hope they continue to grow, greetings "
Maria E. Valdéz
Agronomy Engineer

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